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A must for Institutions like Schools, Colleges, Offices, Factories, Museums.                         Most Useful for Any Real Time based Automatic Operation.



v  Saves precious manpower for more productive work.

v  Pays back its cost in a few months.

v  Eliminates Human Error, Anxiety or Tension.

v  Very simple and easy to set due to menu driven programme.

v  Selection of bell ringing duration to distinguish between normal Periods & Assembly/ Lunch break / Closing time bell.

v  Power failure Proof. No re-setting required after any Power outage.

v  One Controller can be used for any number of bells/hooters fitted at different floors or blocks of same Institution.


  • Simple 4 keys to easily set & save the ringing time schedule & ring duration
  • 10 Modes available. These cover all the events:
    a) Manual Mode for
    i) Emergency Operation in case of fire, earth quack etc.
    b) Automatic Modes ii) Regular Periods
    iii) Unit Test iv) Exam, v) Summer
    vi) Weekly off,
    vii) monthly off,
    viii) Weekly Half day
    ix) Monthly Half day,
    x) Spare mode for PTA meetings, Sports day programme etc.
  • 24 Bell timings per day.
  • Two line LCD Screen Display to set & monitor Real Time and Bell ringing schedule.
  • Choice of using Electric Gong Bell or Electronic Tone Horn or Hooter / Sirens.
  • Compact Size, Steel sheet cabinet, Wall mounting type.



  • Standby Power Pack available for tension free, 24X7 Automatic Bell Operation.
  • Solar power Pack for using Eco friendly and free energy from the sun.
  • Traditional Bell Ringing system: One ring for 1st period, Two for 2nd period, Three          rings for third period and so on, is also available.
  • Most Accurate & International time keeping by Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Modem.

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