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AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE STABILISERS Servo Motor controlled & Solid state IGBT based.


Power Fluctuation is the single major cause of failure and damage of electric machines & equipment, resulting in poor efficiency, frequent breakdowns and high operational, repair & maintenance costs. Servo motor type or Solid state Voltage Stabilizers provide best solution to these problems and save running & maintenance cost of plant machinery thereby saving the resources.


a)     Automatically controls & stabilizes Mains Voltage for trouble free operation

b)     All the equipment and appliances operate at maximum efficiency at stabilized voltage

c)      Fast payback of its cost by reducing damages, Energy bills & enhanced productivity.

d)     Saves on diesel and Generator maintenance cost by reducing its use to a minimum

e)     Reduces Maximum Demand component of the energy bill thus drastically saves money.

f)       Minimize Machines downtime, man hour and production losses.

g)     Saves on taxes as the stabilizer depreciation is 100%



  1. Fast Voltage correction rate
  2. Protection from dangerously high or very low voltages
  3. Automatic shut down if supply Phase reversal or single phase failure occurs.
  4. Wide frequency input range. Constant frequency output in solid state IGBT stabilizers.
  5. No waveform distortion of input power
  6. IC based voltage correction unit for high efficacy
  7. Unaffected by load power factor
  8. Auto and manual option for bypass in case of emergency
  9. High stability and efficient components for high reliability & low maintenance.
  10. High cooling efficiency for longer operational life
  11. Well designed control panel to easily set and monitor required parameters.


i). Inline Isolation Transformer, Spikes & Surge Arrestors to minimize line harmonics, to save  highly sensitive & very costly online equipment.
ii) Wider input Voltage window to accommodate very low voltages and wild fluctuations

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